UCSS Cover Panel

Provide access to your plumbing line with the UCSS cover panel. It is a universal cover made of stainless steel and provides easy access for plumbing cleanouts. Plumbing cleanouts are not appealing in any way and can ruin the aesthetic and even sanitation in your building. Experts encourage having a cover and concealing these building parts from public view.

Why Choose the UCSS Cover Panel?

The universal cover panel is architecturally pleasing and provides maintenance and cleaning crew convenience when cleaning and maintaining your plumbing cleanouts. 

The UCSS comes with corrosion-resistant stainless steel that finishes off with a satin brush. Plumbing cleanouts tend to get messy or wet, which the UCSS is ready for. This cover panel is universal and innovative as it can blend well with its surroundings and ensures that your plumbing cleanouts are safe from outside elements and hidden from view.

Product Benefits:

  • Convenient
  • Appealing
  • Easy Installation
  • Concealment
  • Safety

Get In Touch With Us!

Trust in Acudor Access Panels regarding universal covers for your plumbing cleanouts! For inquiries about the product, you can talk directly to one of our experts who can tell you more details about the product and its benefits. To inquire, dial (888) 622-8367! You can also request a quote directly for any plans to buy a UCSS cover panel.


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