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​Industry Trends of Today

Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 15th Aug 2018

We examine the 5 significant trends taking place across the design and construction of buildings today.1. Environmental and Sustainable Consideration– There is a generation of millennials and indeed a … read more

​Insulation 101

Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 8th Aug 2018

Insulation, regardless of whether a project is a commercial or residential one, is essential to the overall building. Many would assume that insulation is meant to solely provide thermal protection a … read more

Framing Perfect Access Panels

Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 1st Aug 2018

Choosing the perfect access panel to install can sometimes be a difficult one. Access panels are unlike the normal doors we find around our house or office, let alone install. With access panels, one … read more

Project Delays on Site

Posted by Acudor on 18th Jul 2018

When it comes to projects, no matter how big or small they are, both clients and contractors fear project delays. Delays by a few days might not be so severe; however, if the delays turn … read more

Acudor Access Panels - Your One Stop Shop

Posted by Acudor on 13th Jul 2018

At Acudor Access Panels, we strive to provide quality panels at a quality price. Not sure what you need? Don’t worry, we the various access panels you can find at Flush … read more

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