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FA-300-R Acudor 60" x 60" Floor Door - Retrofit


FA-300-R Acudor 60" x 60" Floor Door - Retrofit

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60" x 60" FA-300-R Floor Door - Retrofit - Double Leaf - Acudor  

The 60 X 60 FA-300-R is one of your best choices for floor access doors when you don't have any issues with water tightness. Its design is suitable for interior or exterior applications when you need the angle frame bolted down to an existing opening.

Benefits of Installing 60 X 60 FA-300-R:  

  • Diamond plate design provides slip resistance
  • Material is robust and durable, making it long-lasting
  • Provides convenient floor access to essential building components

The primary material of the FA-300-R is aluminum for the frame and door making it lightweight and robust. The reinforced 1/4" aluminum diamond plate door can handle a live load of 300 lb/sq ft., while the frame has an integral 1" anchor flange. These qualities show how solid this product is.

The hinges with tamperproof stainless steel bolts & nuts make it challenging to remove without the right tools, ensuring a level of protection against unauthorized access. The opening device has an automatic hold open arm feature with a red vinyl grip. It locks the door in a 90º position, allowing effortless handling when closing the door panel.

We can provide stainless steel compression springs to add lift assistance when required. Available with electrical actuators that operate through a wall-mounted push button switch and remote control. The FA-300-R has a flush aluminum drop handle latch staple for the padlock.

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The 60 X 60 FA-300-R is one of the many excellent products we are proud to offer you here at Acudor Access Panels. Check out our best sellers list for more selections, or call our number, (888) 622-8367, for your orders today!

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