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BP-58 - Drywall Panel Door - Acudor

Many building owners always want a clean building interior because it creates a calm and pleasing environment that people will enjoy. If you have components that will ruin your building's interior aesthetics, you should install features like the BP-58, a recessed drywall access door that enhances an interior building's appearance.

You can find that this access door uses extruded aluminum because it's durable and corrosion-resistant. You also have the choice to insert a 5/8" drywall into the door panel to make it blend with its surrounding surface. You can replace the ⅝" drywall with a ½" upon ordering to suit your preferences. 

This product's door frame comes from extruded recessed aluminum with similar edges to drywall beads on a finished wall or ceiling surface. The door conceals itself more effectively due to its unique concealed non-corroding two-point pin hinge. The door will come in a mill finish, and the drywall comes along with it to match wall and ceiling surfaces. 

Benefits of Installing the BP-58:

  • Achieve a near-invisible appearance
  • Removable door panel for unobstructed access

Don't miss out on installing the BP-58 drywall access door on your building, and contact Acudor Access Panel immediately! We'll take care of all your questions and inquiries by contacting us at (888) 622-8367. You will be talking to one of our product experts who will give you complete details of the product. And if you plan on making a bulk order, you can request a quote from us!


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