You'll need specific fire-rated construction materials if you want your building to pass fire-safety standards. One material you may need to meet building codes and requirements is the FW-5050, a fire-rated, insulated metal access door. You can install them on walls and ceilings when heat transmission or temperature rise is an aspect.

A critical feature of the FW-5050 is that you have two options; a steel or stainless steel door and door frame. The access door has a 20 gauge door and a 16 gauge mounting frame. Its door comes with a 2" thick fire-rated insulation and a 1" wide flange. Fortunately, you'll have no problems achieving a seamless appearance because of its concealed hinge design. 

It is Warnock Hersey International 3 hour rated in a non-combustible ceiling and 1 hour rated in a combustible ceiling. (Max size: 24 x 36), while it has a UL — 1-1/2 hour "B" label. ULC — 2-hour "B" label. (Max size: 36 x 48) for walls. 

Benefits of Installing the FW-5050:

  • Comply with fire-safety building standards
  • (Walls): UL — 1-1/2 hour "B" label. ULC — 2-hour "B" label. Max size: 36 x 48. (Ceilings): Warnock Hersey International 3-hour rated in a non-combustible ceiling. One hour rated in a combustible ceiling. Max size: 24 x 36

Don't miss out on installing the FW-5050 insulated fire-rated metal access door on your building, and contact Acudor Access Panel immediately! We'll take care of all your questions and inquiries by contacting us at (888) 622-8367. You will be talking to one of our product experts who will give you complete details of the product. And if you plan on making a bulk order, you can request a quote from us!

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