CD-5080-F - Duct Doors for Fiberglass Ducts - Acudor 

A building's HVAC system requires maintenance once in a while. Sometimes the tasks are challenging because there is no proper entryway to access the various components of the system. To ensure that your personnel get to these critical locations conveniently and with less effort, you will need the CD-5080-F duct access door.  

The CD-5080 is a reasonably priced access door in low to medium pressure fiberglass and duct board ducts. Its primary material is 24-gauge galvanized steel with a 5/8" notched knock-over tabs mounting frame. It is a double cam - no hinge, removable door panel. 

It has a closed cell neoprene gasketing, 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide, between door and frame, and an adhesive of 1/16" thick by 11/2" bonded gasket between the frame to the duct. Its insulation is 2" fiberglass compressed to 1" Micro-AIRC M/F TYPE-475 with an R-value of 7.7 and a self-tightening, hand-operated cam latch. 

Benefits of Installing CD-5080-F: 

  • Made from resilient and durable materials 
  • Suitable for HVAC installation 
  • Provides convenient access to various HVAC components 

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