Maintaining the cleanliness of your duct system can get tricky. Mold can build up in your ventilation system; your occupants could get sick if left unchecked. Worse yet, having dust build-up in your ducts can be a fire hazard. You'll be glad to have the right access doors to make cleaning easy. Get a breath of fresh air with the RD-5090 Duct Door! 

Everyone wants to have their air system work all the time. You'll be glad to have the RD-5090 allowing you to clean your duct system easily. Its 16 gauge galvanized steel construction ensures that this access door is as tough as your ductwork—no need to struggle to find an access panel that'll fit for Round Ducts. You've found the perfect one with the RD-5090. 

While other sealing systems obstruct airflow with intrusive bolts, the RD-5090 uses a more elegant gasket seal. This duct door also features an external pull-and-catch lock system. Both elements ensure your HVAC system flows smoothly, free of obstruction. 

Will this even fit my ducts? Sure it will! We have RD-5090 available for a 6" to a 24" opening. If you're wondering if you could get a custom size, the answer is a big yes! 

Breathe Easy with the RD-5090 

  • Built Tough 
  • Designed for Round Ducts 
  • Reliable Gasket Seal 
  • Quick Locking Mechanism 
  • Various sizes available 

Where do I get the RD-5090? 

At Acudor Access Doors, of course! Acudor Access Panels have you covered for all your Access Panel needs. Contact our product experts at (888) 622-8367, and they'll take care of any questions you have. If you Request a Quote from us today, we'll give you the custom access panel you're looking for. In case you need installation tips, we'll provide that with your quote too! 

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