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If your facility falls into the category that requires an airtight or watertight seal, then you'll need some specialty access doors that would be suitable for the job. A dependable access door that you and your maintenance team can count on is critical for your building's upkeep. Only settle for the best, like the DW-T.

The best feature of the DW-T is that it guarantees a tight seal because it underwent testing that ensures its quality. It has a flush door frame with reinforced edges and uses 16-gauge stainless steel or steel for the door and mounting frame. It has a continuous exposed stainless steel piano hinge for a secure door opening and closing. 


You can finish it with a 5-stage iron phosphate preparation with a prime coat of White alkyd baking enamel for steel or Type 304 - #4 satin polish for stainless steel. The DW-T is ideal for places that require an airtight/watertight seal, such as laboratories, clean rooms, and operating rooms. 

Benefits of Installing DW-T: 

  • Provides an airtight/watertight seal between two surfaces 
  • Constructed from durable and robust materials 
  • It offers a convenient entryway for gaining access to essential building components. 

Consult your local experts about what type of watertight/ airtight access doors are suitable for your setting, or better yet, contact us at Acudor Access Panels. Call today at (888) 622-8367, and our fantastic customer service representative will help guide you. 


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