Every duct system needs an entry point for duct technicians to access during repair or maintenance procedures. If you want a more efficient and safer way of permitting access to your duct areas, consider installing the HD-5070, a reliable hinged duct access door for sheet metal ducts. 

The HD-5070 duct door has a simple design that's easy for any contractor or technician to install on their own. You'll notice that manufacturers used galvanized steel and double panel material to achieve durability once installed on duct systems. They also used a 24 gauge door and 24 gauge mounting frame with 5/8" notched knock-over tabs for the entire duct door.

The third feature of this product is its continuous aluminum piano hinge that creates a seamless appearance. The door panel comprises a 2" fiberglass insulation (7.7 R factor), compressed into 1", and comes standard in a self-tightening, hand-operated cam latch.

Benefits of Installing the HD-5070:

  • Provide accessible entryway to duct systems
  • Assures an obstruction-free, airtight seal in the air system

Don't miss out on installing the HD-5070, a reliable hinged duct access door on your building, and contact Acudor Access Panel immediately! We'll take care of all your questions and inquiries by contacting us at (888) 622-8367. You will be talking to one of our product experts who will give you complete details of the product. And if you plan on making a bulk order, you can request a quote from us!

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