The FW-5050-DW drywall is an insulated fire-rated access door. It is a version of the FW-5050 with a galvanized steel tape bead flange to make drywall installation easier. The Acudor FW-5050 is a fire-resistant, insulated access door that one can install in walls and ceilings. This door has a 1-1/2 hour "B" designation from Underwriters Laboratories (UL and ULC), with a maximum temperature increase of 250 degrees after 30 minutes. You should install this door when the temperature rises or heat transfer is a concern in the wall. This model has approval from Warnock Hersey International for 3 hours of fire resistance in ceilings (max. size to 24" x 36"). 

Other features you can find include:

  • Material: 20 gauge door, 16 gauge mounting frame.
  • Lock/Latch: Universal self-latching bolt, operated by either a knurled knob or flush key. When master keying is required, one can prepare these doors for rim or mortise cylinder locks.
  • Flange: One flange.
  • Hinge: Concealed pin hinge.
  • Finish: five-stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of White alkyd baked-on enamel.

Contact Acudor Access Panels now at 1-888-622-8367 to purchase them for your construction projects! We also offer different sizes to ensure they fit perfectly on any roof opening.

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