If your building roof requires regular monthly maintenance, you'll need to provide easy access to personnel by installing the RHA-EA Equipment Access Single Leaf Roof Hatch. This product provides convenient, economical access to the roof of a building with larger openings. 

This product's main feature is its double-skin construction cover ("in box type design") with a 1" Polyiso (R-6) insulation. It also has an EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket on the inside cover to create a flush, secure fit. 

Another feature you'll find is a 1/8" thick aluminum with 1" thick Polyiso (R-6) insulation at the curb exterior. The curb is 12" high, with a 3.375" wide bottom flange and pre-drilled mounting holes. You can also find gas spring operators to quickly open and close the cover. You can use the stainless steel interior pull handle to allow easy control when closing the cover.

Benefits of Installing the RH-EA:

  • Provide easy roof access
  • Large opening built for large equipment

Don't miss out on installing the RHA-EA Equipment Access Single Leaf Roof Hatch on your building, and contact Acudor Access Panel immediately! We'll take care of all your questions and inquiries by contacting us at (888) 622-8367. You will be talking to one of our product experts who will give you complete details of the product. And if you plan on making a bulk order, you can request a quote from us!


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