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Your ductwork needs to function well to ensure that all harmful or possible hazardous particulates leave the building safely. You'll need a convenient and sure way to clean and fix the various components of the system. For this reason, you'll need to install the CD-5080 duct access door

The primary material of the CD-5080 duct access door is 24-gauge galvanized steel, which is robust and durable. The mounting frame comes with 5/8" notched knock-over tabs. It has a 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide closed cell neoprene gasketing between the door and frame and between the frame and duct.  

The door panel comes filled with 2" fiberglass insulation (7.7 R factor), compressed into 1". It has a hand-operated, self-tightening cam latch with optional L-Handle, HASP + Staple, and Cylinder Lock & Key, and its design is for use in Low to medium pressure up to 3" static W.G. 

Benefits of Installing CD-5080: 

  • Provides a convenient way to service ductwork system 
  • Made from robust materials 
  • Specifically designed for ductwork 

Whenever you need to ensure that you get the correct dimensions for your duct access door, order a custom size from Acudor Access Panels. We will help you decide the best choices for your setting. You can also call (888) 622-8367 if you need further assistance. 

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