Floor Access Doors

Flooring installation is a relevant aspect of building construction. Guests will notice first the floor quality upon entering an establishment. Thus, it would greatly satisfy your clients if you’re able to provide them an excellent flooring that perfectly complements the commercial building design. Whether you are installing carpet flooring or tile flooring, be sure you get the right floor hatch that will make up your floor design goal.

Floor access door is different from the regular type of access doors by the way it functions or operates. Aside from location, this door needs durability to hold up to foot traffic and flush surfaces for safe and comfortable walking. With its wide opening, a floor hatch allows easy, convenient and secure service access or entry to building fixtures or storage areas located beneath flooring. The doors and panels we offer at Acudor Access Panels is perfect for what you need. They certainly work best for both interior and exterior applications.

Acudor Access Panels has floodtight, gastight, H20 loading, fire rated, and recessed floor access doors. It comes in different sizes and types, so they can easily blend in with any surrounding material. We offer doors and panels designed for water tightness and with high resistance to cracking or chipping. You can purchase them at a fair and budget-friendly price.

Our access panels are manufactured to provide safe and efficient access, which is perfect for commercial, industrial, or residential applications. Browse through our product listings and find the suitable floor hatch for your project.

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