Floor Panels

At Acudor Access Panels, you can purchase excellent Acudor products serving various functions depending on your building needs. We have a wide range of choices from high-quality materials and customized sizes. The styles are also aesthetically pleasing, which comes in handy if you need something to fit your taste.

The way Floor Access Panels operate sets it apart from other types of access doors. It can withstand foot traffic and has smooth surfaces for safe and comfortable walking. Thanks to its large opening, a floor hatch offers simple, convenient, and secure entry to building fittings or storage places beneath the flooring. 

Acudor Access Panels' doors and panels are ideal for your requirements. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is available in various sizes and varieties such as Watertight doors and panels with exceptional resistance to cracking and chipping.

Our access panels have a manufactured design that allows safe and efficient access in various commercial, residential, and industrial settings. Find the right floor hatch for your project by looking through our product pages. Contact Us now and send us a message for further assistance. It is our delight to assist you!

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