Elevator shafts and stairwells often fill up with smoke during a building fire. One way to help firefighters filter the dangerous gases is by ensuring that these small spaces have proper smoke vents. The Aluminum smoke vent with a single leaf provides an economical solution to fire ventilation.

Why Choose SVA-SL?

Functional and durable, the Single leaf aluminum smoke vent is a great choice for smoke ventilation in small, tight areas where people can get stuck during a fire. 

Product Benefits

  • Easy Installation
  • Convenience
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic Appeal

The SVA smoke vents provide economical solutions to fire ventilation. The design and make, aluminum steel, is helpful in case of fires as it provides a way for dangerous gases and heat to exit the building. Commercial spaces should require this, especially in places where smoke is most likely to build up as it can hinder firefighters.

It comes with a cover that is an in-box type design and 1” polyiso (R-6) insulation. An EPDM foam, choice of weather or draft, seal gasket is attached to the cover to give it a tight fit. Single leaf smoke vents are not U.L. listed; if you are looking for one, the double leaf should be your choice. This smoke vent can support a load of 40lbs and comes with high-performance gas springs.

Choose Us!

Ensure that the smoke has somewhere to go and aid firefighters in case of fire in your building. Choose between the SVA single leaf and double leaf. Here at Acudor Access Panels, we provide you with functional smoke vents. You can call us at (888) 622-8367 if you want to speak to our experts. You can also easily ask for a quote!

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