FC-H20 - Floor Door Channel Frame, H20 loading- Acudor 

Commercial buildings often require installing quality floor access doors to access important structures in basements areas safely. Acudor's FC-H20 Floor Door Channel Frame with H20 loading is one of the most opted products for floor entries. 

The FC-H20 is designed for Indoor or Outdoor applications where dirt and water are prevented from falling into the work area. Drainage is provided through threaded coupling in the channel. 

This floor access door has an aluminum door and frame combined with stainless steel hinges and hardware. 

Specifically, the door is made from a 1/4" aluminum diamond plate reinforced to meet AASHTO specification H 20-44 for traffic loading (16000 lb. wheel load with 30% added for impact). 

Also, it has a channel frame fabricated from aluminum extrusion with 1 1/2" drainage coupling and an integral 1" anchor flange. The stainless steel butt hinges come with tamperproof stainless steel bolts and nuts. 

Essential Features of the FC-H20 

  • Designed for off-street locations that may occasionally receive AASHTO H-20-44 wheel loads. 
  • Channel frame construction with 1½" drainage coupling and integral anchor flange is designed to be cast into concrete. 
  • It has a diamond plate door panel, a flush aluminum drop handle, and an automatic hold open arm. 
  • Designed for interior and exterior applications where water tightness is not required. 

Get the quality floor access door you deserve! 

You can always trust that Acudor Access Panels will consistently deliver top-quality products for any construction needs! Do you want to purchase this access door? Please request a quote from us now! Call (888) 622-8367 for more details.


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