Certain areas in a building can fill up with smoke during a building fire. One way to help firefighters filter the dangerous gases is by ensuring that these small spaces have proper smoke vents. The SVA-DL is a double-leaf automatic smoke vent that can help ventilate areas in a building prone to excessive smoke collection.

Why Choose SVA-DL?

Functional and durable, this double leaf automatic smoke vent is a great choice for smoke ventilation in the building during a fire. 

The double-leaf has double doors for easy opening and comes in aluminum steel. This smoke vent comes in various sizes and can be placed in different areas in a building to help navigate the smoke outside hallways and even rooms.

It comes with an inside and outside manual release that helps ensure you can open this vent manually in emergencies. However, it has high-performance gas springs that can automatically open and close if needed.

Product Benefits:

  • Safety
  • Easy Installation
  • Convenience
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Choose Us!

For more information on the SVA-DL automatic smoke vents, you can speak to one of our product experts over the phone. You can reach us by dialing (888) 622-8367 and asking about the available smoke vents. For bulk orders or future references, you can request a quote! 


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