FB-5060-SS - Fire-Rated Uninsulated Access Door - Acudor 

In every commercial building, you will need an access door to have convenient access to vital structures behind your walls or ceilings. The FB-5060 is one of Acudor's industry-leading access doors because of its features. This access door is uninsulated and fire-rated perfect for different wall installations.

The FB-5060 door and frame are manufactured from steel or stainless steel with a 16 gauge door and mounting frame. It has a flush to frame installation, reinforced edges, concealed hinges, and flange with a 1" wide. 

It has a wall fire rating of UL — 1-1/2 hour "B" label and ULC — 2 hours "B" label. You can purchase customizable sizes, with 36 x 48 and 24" x 79" being the maximum.

Features of the FB-5060 

  • Designed to maintain continuity in a 2-hour fire-rated wall, when temperature rise is not a factor 
  • UL 1-1/2 hour "B" label. ULC 2-hour "B" label.
  • Inside latch release 
  • Self-closing & self-latching door mechanism 


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