Valve Cabinets

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential for your plumbing system and other building components. To make the assessment more accessible and convenient, we recommend the installation of valve boxes to safeguard integral valves and controls. Our exceptional Acudor valve box collection includes a removable flush valve panel, recessed valve box, and surface-mounted valve box, perfect for various applications.

Our removable flush valve features robust stainless steel type 304 hardware and a beautiful satin polish that perfectly mixes durability and aesthetic while providing secured and easy access to flush valves concealed in the wall. It also has a removable panel via tamperproof stainless steel screws. 

The recessed valve box collection also provides quick access to valves and controls concealed behind the wall. The recessed valve fully protects the valves inside an enclosed box made with a solid 16 gauge stainless steel that is highly customizable to meet standard valve requirements.

Finally, our surface-mounted valve cabinets offer convenient access to all valves and controls extending outside the finished wall while fully enclosed. Its door and frame are constructed with 16 gauge stainless steel with a depth that can be modified to meet all valve and control requirements.

We offer all standard sizes for your commercial, industrial, and residential project needs. Feel free to call us anytime at 1-888-622-8367 or send us an email at We are looking forward to supplying your building project!

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