Some buildings require heightened security and protection from different elements like bacteria and moisture. You have the ADWT, air, and watertight steel access door. You can install this access door in laboratories, emergency rooms, or any other place where it requires a complete air and watertight seal.

One excellent feature of the ADWT air and watertight steel access door is its door and door frame. It's a flush frame with reinforced edges; Stainless Steel or Steel: 16 gauge door; 16 gauge mounting frame. The door opens and closes quickly because of the continuous exposed stainless steel piano hinge.

A continuous bulb trim seal gasket surrounds the frame's inner opening, giving it its air and watertight seal feature. You should expect no bacteria or moisture will pass through the access door. The ADWT secures itself effectively due to the stainless steel Phillips head screws standard lock, making it easy for technicians or contractors to gain access. If you're not content with that lock type, you also have other options, including stainless steel Allen head screws, stainless steel spanner head screws, Torx, and a cylinder lock & key.

Benefits of Installing the ADWT:

  • Create an airtight/watertight barrier between two surfaces
  • Aesthetically pleasing with clean lines

Don't miss out on installing the ADWT air and watertight steel access door on your building, and contact Acudor Access Panel immediately! We'll take care of all your questions and inquiries by contacting us at (888) 622-8367. You will be talking to one of our product experts who will give you complete details of the product. And if you plan on making a bulk order, you can request a quote from us!


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