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UF-5000 Universal Flush Access Door

Accessibility while maintaining aesthetics is something you can find in the UF-5000 universal flush access door. This access door is universal from the name itself, and you can install it on any flush surface. If you want concealment, security, and convenience all in one, the UF-5000 is the access door for your building.

Why Choose UF-5000?

If you plan to conceal your building's internal components, ensuring that there is an access door for maintenance and inspection is a must. It would defeat the purpose of protecting those components if maintenance was impossible. 

If you want an access door that blends well on flush surfaces, the UF-5000 access door is the one you are looking for. Customers often choose this access door if they want a universal, convenient access door to hide their plumbing lines or electrical wires. With its easy installation and frames with round corners, you will have easy access to these components while ensuring you are following safety protocols.

Product Benefits:

  • Aesthetical Finish
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Concealment
  • Flexibility

Call Us!

Are you ready to have a UF-5000 universal access door to protect your building's internal components while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance? Talk to an expert today! You can dial (888) 622-8367 to speak to our product expert at Acudor Access Panels for additional information on the universal flush access door. You can also get a quote for future or bulk orders. 

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