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Plaster just can't be beaten as a construction material. Plaster's original intention was to last for centuries and is an ideal construction material if you want your walls to outlast even you. Few access doors will fit the aesthetic of plaster walls and ceilings, but you'll be glad to know that the PS-5030 access door will work just fine. 

When investing only the best materials into your home, you'll want only the highest quality access doors to match. With its 14 gauge steel construction, you'll only get the best you deserve. If you aim to keep the aesthetics of your home untouched, this access door has you covered. The PS-5030 has a concealed hinge and remains flush to your wall. Let your creativity run wild without requiring you to hide this access door. 

An expansion casing bead comes pre-installed on the frame of the PS-5030, so you won't have to waste time installing it manually. Rest assured that this access door will remain secure once the plaster sets with its 3" wide galvanized lath that's recessed 3/4". It's an access door that'll stay as long as the plaster is. 


Why You'll Love PS-5030 

  • Durable Construction 
  • Ready to Install 
  • Concealed Hinges 
  • Multiple Lock Options 

Where Do I Get The PS-5030? 

Here at Acudor Access Doors, of course! We only provide our customers with the highest quality access doors. Contact our team at (888) 622-8367, and we'll be glad to assist you with your access door needs. For your customized access door needs, request a quote from us today! 

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