VFCD Acudor Vent Fan Coil Door

VFCD Acudor Vent Fan Coil Door

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VFCD Acudor Vent Fan Coil Door

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VFCD Vent Fan Coil Door - Acudor

You might have vertical fan coil units if you own luxury hotels or condominiums. It helps compact and organize many internal components you need to run your business. While having this is helpful, you will also need much maintenance. Ensuring that these internal components do not get any damage or lose their quality early on is a responsibility that you should not take lightly. One way of making maintenance more convenient has a vent fan coil door.

Why Choose the VFCD?  

The VFCD can provide maintenance experts with easy access to your vertical fan coil units without having to destroy or damage your walls. It has an aesthetic appeal when you install it and last long with its corrosion-resistant satin coat. It comes with different types of lock options. You can also choose to have a removable door design with your VFCD.

The VFCD also comes with features like:

  • Durable
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Insulated
  • Convenient
  • Appealing

The VFCD comes with a flush mount return air panel which makes air filter replacing convenient. It also features reinforced mitered corners in its frame’s brake. You can conceal the hinge of the VFCD and doors that can have acoustic or thermal insulation.

Choose Different Lock Options!  

You can choose to have your VFCD with the standard latch, which is self-locking and features concealment properties. Other lock choices are stainless steel screwdriver-operated cam latch, cylinder lock, compression latch, cylinder lock and key, fallen spanner and the Torx head cam latch. The VFCD comes with a 5-stage iron phosphate preparation with a prime coat finish.

Choose a Vent Fan Coil Door for your vertical fans today with Acudor Access Panels! Ensure convenience and functionality with the right access doors and panels. Want to customize the size or choose specific lock options? Give us a call at (888) 622-8367! 

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