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How to Choose the Perfect Access Door Like a Pro for Every Application Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 1st Dec 2023

As a contractor, designer or builder, once you have chosen the design of your next project – the next big question you need to address is what material of access door to choose.

When choosing which access door to purchase, it would be best to consider a few things. Climate, location, placement, and fire ratings are just some factors that can dictate the route of what access door you'll choose. We'll be giving you a helping hand in this article.

General Purpose Access Door

Access Doors are versatile and customizable. Chances are, there's an access panel available for almost any niche out there. However, you may be looking for an access door that works for many walls and ceilings without any unique properties.

For this, you can choose a flush access door. These access panels are a cost-effective way to provide quick access to utilities hidden behind walls and ceilings. The best part is that these access panels sit flush and are paintable, so they won't ruin the room's aesthetic.

Acoustic Access Door

You may have a room that usually emits loud sounds due to the machinery or location. Going with a soundproof access panel means choosing one with special insulation and a gasket that absorbs the sounds. These access panels are also, for the most part, versatile in their design and look, meaning that aesthetics don't jeopardize function.

The ACD-2064 fits the bill. With its acoustic mineral liner and mineral-filled vinyl barrier, it'll be sure to keep any unwanted sounds from going in or out of the room. On top of this, the door itself is recessed and fits a 5/8" thick drywall so that it won't ruin the aesthetic of your drywall walls or ceilings.

Air and Water Tight Access Door

You may be dealing with a project that involves a cleanroom. This room demands the removal of pollutants (like dust, microbes, and aerosol particles) to maintain the best working environment. Cleanrooms feature the highest quality air filtration system, and you must seal all gaps to prevent unwanted pollutants from entering the room.

Access doors like the ADWT-SS are tested for air infiltration and water penetration, ensuring you complete the project to your client's satisfaction. Rest assured that the continuous bulb trim seal gasket guarantees no bacteria or moisture contaminates your clients' cleanroom.

Fire-Rated Access Doors

Fire safety is essential for many clients, and you'll need the best access door to living up to this expectation. The best part is that you'll have countless fire-rated access doors to match the fire-rated walls and ceilings.

Whether dealing with drywall or tiles, both uninsulated and insulated options are available for you to purchase. It would be best if you remembered that no access door is genuinely fireproof but is rated to withstand fires for a particular time.

Fire ratings range from 20 minutes to 3 hours. To have the wall or ceiling reach the desired fire rating, you'll need to equip an access door that matches or exceeds the fire rating, so take your time choosing the right access door.

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