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3 Simple Secrets to Your Perfect Access Door Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 9th Nov 2022

Choosing an access panel for your next project may be easy. "Just choose the cheapest one and be done with it," you may say. However, you'll need to understand the purpose you will use it for and the local build code requirements.

An access door's versatility can conceal openings on the wall, floor, and ceiling and act as insulation or sound barrier. When choosing the most suitable access panel, asking yourself the following will help:

What are your needs?

It's essential to consider how an access door can serve your needs. In particular, fire safety may be your top priority. In this case, a fire-rated access panel would be the perfect match for you. You'll also need to remember that installing such an access panel differs from a general all-purpose access door, so be sure to check if your wall can support it.

It's also important to examine where the access panel will end up, as it will impact the overall life span of the access door. For example, you can't expect a regular access door to last very long in an outdoor environment and have it adequately protected any external utilities.

What is the material of the access panel?

Once you've established the access door's purpose, picking the proper material to meet your access panel requirements is essential. For example, aluminum is the material of choice for many if you want to install an exterior access door. Not only is aluminum light and cost-effective, but it's also naturally corrosion-resistant.

On the other hand, stainless steel is the solid option if you're looking for a fire-rated access door. It has a much higher melting point ensuring your utilities stay protected and greater tensile strength — ready to endure the challenges of your workplace.

What is your budget?

When discussing the budget, you'll need to consider the labor cost for installing the access panel on top of the cost of the access door itself. Depending on your skill set and comfort level, you can purchase the access panel and install it yourself. However, you might spend a bit more if you're looking to hire a skilled contractor to do the installation for you.

You'd also need to consider the material for the access door. Generally, all steel access doors are more expensive than aluminum ones, but you benefit from the added durability.


Regardless of access panel selection, it is always to consider the panel's purpose because choosing the wrong access door could limit where you can install it. The variety in materials ranges from drywall to plaster and even plastic, meaning you can customize the panels to meet your client's aesthetic and functional needs.

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