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Construction Trends 101: A Brief Highlight of What Stays and What's New Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 1st Mar 2024

The construction industry has grown immensely through the years, with different technologies arising and more processes improving. These innovations have made contractors' work more accessible and safer, and, at the same time, it has improved the quality and functionality of every structure built.

Knowing the different industry trends will help you become aware of the different styles, techniques, and materials you can use for your future commercial building. Here are some of the trends that might spark an interest in you!

3D Printing

Professionals widely utilize 3D printing in different industries. They use basic or emergency housing. It is perhaps most helpful in creating various components, parts, or materials needed at the construction site, such as substituting damaged pieces of construction equipment. Professionals can also create detailed construction models and update them as design elements are modified.

Modularization or Prefabrication

You may have heard the term prefabrication for a long time if you've been in the construction industry for a long time. This process involves creating different parts of a building offsite and assembling them afterward on the location. Modularization has many benefits, such as fast construction time, less likelihood of on-site accidents, less waste, and many more.

Professionals assemble different building parts and directly install the necessary structures such as windows, walls, access doors, ceilings, and many more. If you want a more cost-effective, fast building and less waste alternative, you might want to consider this process for your next project.

Green Building

With a growing pollution rate and the impact of climate on construction, professionals continuously look for environmentally safer alternatives, even in the construction industry. The commercial construction industry acquires 40% of U.S. energy consumption and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Green buildings incorporate technology to minimize an establishment's carbon footprint and utilize different methods and resources to reduce the use of non-renewable resources. Furthermore, green buildings allow you to maintain most of the natural environment around the construction site while developing a future establishment that will serve a purpose.

Building Information Modeling Technology

BIM allows professionals to create computer outputs of buildings and facilities. Most professionals are utilizing building information modeling technology due to its swift data and model sharing; professionals can allow exceptional prefabrication of parts. Thus, this leads to on-time and accurate project completion.

Drone Technology

Another innovation that most professionals see to be a continuous trend is the use of drones. Using drones can significantly cut down on the annual waste with at least an estimated $160 billion in waste costs that typically occur on construction sites.

In addition, utilizing drones to calculate stockpiles of building materials in real time can increase at least 61% measurement accuracy. Furthermore, not only can drones monitor the number of materials needed for the project, but they can also reduce construction worker injuries and deaths. Professionals can use drones to monitor and inspect various locations without putting any actual humans in dangerous sites. Because of this advantage, the construction industry noticed a 55% increase in safety standards.

Increased Safety Equipment

Since Covid-19 dominated the world, people have taken more precautions when interacting with different individuals to prevent contracting and spreading the virus. This is now also applied in the construction industry. From the primary helmet, gloves, safety clothes, boots, and others, professionals now include masks as one of the essential and must-have safety equipment for construction workers and people within the field.

There is still a lot of instore for the construction industry. Keeping up with the trends will help you achieve your dream commercial building more efficiently and safely with less construction time. If you're interested in these new trends, ensure that you collaborate well with your engineers, architects, and contractors.

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