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This is How You Prevent Project Delays and Ensure Your Investments Worth Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 1st Nov 2023

When it comes to projects, no matter how big or small, clients and contractors fear project delays. Delays by a few days might not be so severe; however, if the delays turn into weeks or months, this can significantly affect the budget and timelines.

Experienced contractors understand that some things are beyond their control and, unfortunately, must work with. Acudor lists project delays that can happen and are sometimes out of the hands of a contractor.


While we can easily rely on the weather forecaster to tell us what is in store – sometimes these predictions are not as accurate, or rather, the weather can change just as fast as materials can go out of stock. Weather can not only delay projects, but it can result in damage to the foundation, equipment, and materials.

While the weather is uncontrollable, most contractors will plow through and work through the weather. However, it is always important to keep in mind that when it comes to safety and getting the project completed – if it is necessary to take time and inform the client of the delay, you should do it. Security on-site is essential and while no one likes a project delay, jeopardizing one's safety and the project to finish on time is not worth it.

For some clients, this can be frustrating and sometimes lead to increased costs; however, clients understand that the weather is beyond a contractor's control and, for the most part, are very much understanding and would not want anything to delay their project further.

Budget Shortage

Funding allows a project not only to continue but to remain in progress. If a client underestimates their budget, this can result in project delays. Sometimes it is not even the client underestimating their project but somewhat minimizing the costs of material and potentially the labor. A contractor working with a client to budget accordingly will prevent budget shortfalls, but more importantly, it can avoid project delays.

A budget shortage can happen but mitigating it beforehand through preparation and budgeting can prevent project delays. You can also learn more about the law of supply and demand to ensure that you are not buying materials and collections during peak seasons or when their prices rise. Knowing the latest building trends will also help you better understand the market.


While a contractor may be the only person one assumes to do the work – there is a slew of people on a job site at any given time so project delays can result from staffing. It can be everything from being understaffed to having unqualified individuals.

With many individual contracting companies vying for reliable and knowledgeable staff, ensuring you have enough men for the job can be challenging. However, by factoring in the number of people you must work with, reasonable and realistic timeline delays can be avoided.


Contractors know their role, job, and the tasks at hand, which in one way, makes them knowledgeable about determining a reasonable timeline for completion. If there is a staffing shortage, the weather is not cooperating, or there are delays in finance and supplies, these factors can push back the timeline.

Sometimes the delays are not as significant, and a contractor can find their way again to ensure a timely finish. However, if these factors are beyond his control and that threshold of recovery is not reached, timelines, unfortunately, are just pushed back.

Contractors would much rather have a delay on their project and provide a quality piece of work than rush through everything with the potential of missing or not providing the same quality of work that one would typically expect from them.

While as contractors and businesses, we may think we have done enough preparations for the unknown, it is still important to consider that sometimes we can't predict or know what will happen a day, week, or month from the project start date.

Contractors understand that when it comes to ordering equipment for construction, like ladders and tools, – not having an order arrive on time or a backorder can have costly delays, which is why we offer a wide range of options and solutions to help any contractor.

Are you in need of access doors and panels? You can trust Acudor Access Panels to deliver consistently. You can speak directly to our product expert if you want to learn more about our products and request a quote. You can also check our inventory and what we offer at Acudor Access Panels.

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