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5 Simple Tips To Win Over Your Clients WithA New Trendy Building Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 1st Jan 2024

Any contractor or construction worker knows that the history of architecture and building has dictated and influenced today's builders. While it's essential to remain grounded in proven methods developed in the last few decades, it shouldn't stop you from seeking the latest and greatest.

This article will examine the five major trends you must consider for your next project.

1. Environmental Responsibility – With the world shifting to a sustainability-focused mindset, keeping your commercial building up to date with this trend is essential. While it is challenging to design environmentally efficient structures, you'll be glad to have kept up with this movement.

Going green and reducing your carbon footprint gives you a lower maintenance cost due to increased efficiency and a 6.6% increase in property asset valuation. The best part is that you can start small by integrating LEED-certified access doors to your building, like our FW-5015.

2. Think About Upgrades – You may think replacing a pre-existing building with a new one is the only way to build better. In reality, upgrading a building can be more beneficial than replacing it.

With a renovation, you can get back on your feet sooner as you aren't starting from scratch. At the same time, you can inspire creativity within yourself to create the workspace that you want and be happy to come to work each day.

3. Using history to influence present-day designs – Look at any city skyline, and you'll find aspects of historical buildings in present-day techniques. Whether it is the use of Roman columns or the arches of England – no matter what it is, some of history's most outstanding buildings still shape our society today.

You can find an excellent example of this in Amsterdam. Due to a dramatic drop in incarceration rates, some prisons have lost their original purpose. Instead of demolishing these prisons, you can now enjoy them as hotels that serve as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When history and innovation collide, it becomes easy for you to look at ways of preserving a building's beauty while making it a grand masterpiece for us to enjoy today.

4. Mixed-use projects – With the ever-increasing drive towards efficiency, you can find various properties considered mixed-use projects. A mixed-use project is where you can simultaneously use a building in several ways. For example, a single tower could hold apartments, hotels, and shops.

Keep your clients happy by meeting all their needs at once through mixed-use projects. Following this approach can unleash your creativity and increase your property's value.

5. Select servicing – Select servicing is an extension of mixed-use projects. Special servicing differs from mixed-use projects because your building will have all the services your clients need.

The best way to understand this is if you have a client with a high-end hotel, you'll also have a gift shop or restaurant designed to work with the hotel in the same building. Your clients added satisfaction as you cater to several of their customers' needs at once.

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