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Why Every Commercial Building Owner Should Learn More About These Insulation Benefits Posted by Acudor Access Panels on 1st Apr 2024

Insulation is essential to the overall building, whether a commercial or residential project. Many would assume that insulation solely provides thermal protection and regulation. However, the reality is that insulation offers a wide array of benefits.

For the most part, insulation is often regarded as the most cost-effective and practical solution to not only keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter but also installing insulation that can reduce the amount of noise between rooms.

Rather than spending hundreds to thousands on specific soundproofing approaches, insulation can soundproof and reduce your energy bills simultaneously.

What Is Insulation Made Of?

Insulation comprises materials such as fiberglass, rock, slag wool, and natural fibers. While we often think of insulation as soft and fluffy, a person can make it with rigid foam boards or sleek foils. Choosing a type of insulation material will vary based on one's needs and building or project requirements.

If you want to keep your space warm, you will want to invest in a denser insulation choice. However, if you want to insulate a room or area where temperature control isn't a priority, there is Styrofoam-like insulation that will do the job. Insulation composition will vary depending on use and purpose, sprayed from a can or installed like a panel.

The most used insulation comes from fiberglass because it allows for thermal regulation while providing a sound barrier. Fiberglass insulation is also widely used in commercial and industrial buildings as it can act as a fire retardant.

Why Insulate?

An uninsulated commercial space can result in higher energy bills due to heating and cooling lost through gaps in the walls and accesses. Another benefit of insulation is that in places with high condensation, insulation installation can reduce condensation and the potential for mold.

Why Look for the R-value In Insulation

When choosing insulation, understanding the purpose of what the installed insulation will do is essential. To help in the decision-making, know or understand the insulation R-Value. This value can come from either an energy assessment or the builder itself. When you don't install insulation correctly, it can get the best out of the type of insulation selected.

When looking at insulation, the higher the R-value, the better insulation it will provide you, as the R-value considers the type, thickness, and density.

Why Your Building Needs Insulation

Using mineral fiber insulation can make your space energy efficient and sustainable if you have an industrial or commercial building. Insulation can act as protection or a fire retardant for areas with hot pipes or surfaces exposed to extreme heat.

In spaces that house large and industrial HVAC units or ducts, correct insulation can help with noise reduction and sound transference.

From a health perspective, insulation can prevent mold and mildew accumulation and act as a filter. Many commercial and industrial buildings have building codes that require a minimum R-value of insulation.


One of the most significant benefits of having an insulated access panel is that you can rest assured that no cold air is creeping in. Other benefits are that you have installed a material that will be mold preventative but more importantly, you are adding a material that makes your build energy cost-efficient and sustainable.

Fiberglass insulation can protect against dangerous molds and mildews that could grow inside walls, ducts, and ceilings. The comfort of paying a small price for a lifetime investment is assurance enough, and if that is not good enough – it has been proven that insulation can result in lower energy bills!

It's Time for Insulation!

Whether insulating to reduce energy costs or abiding by building code conducts, installing insulation benefits you and your building. Are you looking to do a minor upgrade or renovation? You can work with existing insulation or start from scratch – and since insulation can come in various forms, there is flexibility in installing insulation.

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