HDSS-6020 Acudor 8" x 8" Self Stick Hinged Duct Door - For Sheet Metal Ducts

8” x 8” Lightweight Aluminum Access Door - With Insulation and Gaskets - Acudor

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HDSS-6020 Acudor 8" x 8" Self Stick Hinged Duct Door - For Sheet Metal Ducts

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8” x 8” Lightweight Aluminum Access Door - Acudor


Were you looking to tidy up your electrical or HVAC utilities while still having easy access for maintenance? The 8 X 8 LT-4000 access panel is just what you need. You'll love its lightweight construction!


What Else Does the 8 X 8 LT-4000 Have?  

  • Aluminum Construction
  • With Insulation and Gaskets
  • Several Latch/Lock Options
  • Milled Finish


The LT-4000 access door is ideal for adding that custom touch to your home or office. Its .064" aluminum door and .080" frame ensures it's sturdy and will protect your wall-hidden utilities for a long time.


Don't worry about increasing your heating or cooling bills, as the LT-4000 comes standard with 3/4" polystyrene insulation. Rest assured that this access door will maintain the perfect temperature in your building. On top of this, a neoprene gasket is pre-installed from the factory. You won't be troubled with leaks or drafts again!


If you need accessibility or security, rest assured that the LT-4000 has you covered. The latch options available range from your screwdriver cam latch to a more secure cylinder lock & key.


Aesthetics may also be a concern for you. Well, fret not, as the milled finish on this product gives it a rustic look! This access door will surely give your decorating scheme the pop of color you want.


8 X 8 LT-4000 Specifications:  


Door: .064", flush to the edge of the frame

Mounting Frame: .080 ", 1-1/2" deep

Hinge: Doors with a 24" or less width have concealed pin hinge.

Doors with a width over 24" to have continuous aluminum

piano hinge with an exposed knuckle, set to open to 180 degrees.

Insulation: 3/4" Type 3 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foil Lined

Gasket: 1/8" x 3/8" closed cell neoprene gasketing

Standard Latch: Slotted Screwdriver Cam Latch

Optional Latches/Locks: cylinder lock & key

Finish: Mill finish


Still not sure if the 8 X 8 LT-4000 is for you? Contact Acudor Access Panels today at (888) 622-8367. Our product experts will give you all the answers to your questions and inquiries. Were you looking for a custom-sized access door for your project? Request a quote from us today, and our team will be sure to find a solution just for you.

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