BP-58-II Acudor 24" x 24" Virtually Invisible Panel - Bauco

24" x 24" Virtually Invisible Panel - Protects vital building components - Acudor

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BP-58-II Acudor 24" x 24" Virtually Invisible Panel - Bauco

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24" x 24" Virtually Invisible Panel - Bauco

Your building has vital parts that your typical flush access doors may not handle. Areas that are vulnerable to moisture and mold growth are particularly concerning. Fortunately, the 24" x 24" BP-58-II has a design precisely for such a situation. Not only does it provide you with the critical protection you need, but it also goes well with your aesthetics.

Benefits of Installing 24" x 24" BP-58-II: 

  • Protects vital building components 
  • Made from robust materials 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 

The 24" x 24" BP-58-II is a gypsum wallboard panel with a unique design that fits well with your wall and ceiling aesthetics. The dominant material used for its construction is aluminum alloy, making it lightweight, robust, and resistant to corrosion. The door has a 5/8" or 1/2" galvanized internal steel corner reinforcing and gypsum board inlay. 

The frame has a recessed aluminum extrusion that provides a similar edge to the drywall bead against which you can finish a wall or ceiling. The door is fully removable, complete with a safety cable that secures the door to panel frames with a safety cable. The cable has a 135lb (61kg) test rating.

It has a concealed, galvanized steel-free pivot hinge that allows the door to open 120 degrees, concealed touch latch, and Mill finish. 

24" x 24" BP-58-II Product Specifications: 

  • Material: Extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T6 
  • Door: 5/8" (15.9 mm) or 1/2" (12.7 mm) moisture and mold resistant gypsum board inlay and galvanized internal steel corner reinforcing 
  • Door Frame: Recessed aluminum extrusion provides a similar edge to drywall bead against which wall or ceiling finished surface. 
  • Hinge: Concealed galvanized steel-free pivot hinge 
  • Standard Latch: Concealed touch latch 
  • Finish: Mill Finish 

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