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CDSS-6030 Acudor 12" x 12" Self-Stick Duct Panel - No Hinge


CDSS-6030 Acudor 12" x 12" Self-Stick Duct Panel - No Hinge

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12" x 12" Self-Stick Duct Panel - No Hinge - Acudor

Sheet metal ducts for commercial use connect your HVAC components throughout the building. These connections are vital for the system's maintenance and convenience when equipment needs to pass through. You'll need the right duct access door for the job, like the 12" x 12" CDSS-6030. 

Benefits of Installing 12" x 12" CDSS-6030: 

  • Design for use in your HVAC ductworks 
  • Made from robust and durable materials 
  • It provides a convenient way for personnel to access vital locations for maintenance 

The 12" x 12" CDSS-6030's primary material for its door and frame is 24 gauge galvanized steel, which makes this product robust and resistant to corrosion damage. The door panel has 1" fiberglass insulation. The closed cell neoprene gasketing between the door and frame, which is 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide, provides a tight seal. 

The gasket has a 1/8" thick by 1 1/2" wide adhesive that bonds it between the frame to the duct. It has a self-tightening, hand-operated cam latch with Hasp + Staple and L Handle for options with hardware of Hex head sheet metal screws. 

12" x 12" CDSS-6030 Product Specifications: 

  • Door: 24 gauge galvanized steel, double panel 
  • Frame: 24 gauge galvanized steel 
  • Insulation: Door panel filled with 1" fiberglass insulation 
  • Gasketing: 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide closed cell neoprene gasketing between door and frame. 1/8" thick by 1 1/2" wide adhesive bonded gasket between the frame to duct 
  • Latch: Self-tightening, hand-operated cam latches 
  • Hardware: Hex head sheet metal screws 
  • Optional Latches: Hasp + Staple, L Handle 

Your ductwork is essential for your building to operate in its most optimal condition. Installing the 12" x 12" CDSS-6030 duct access door will ensure you can service these connections quickly and efficiently. Contact us at Acudor Access Panels to place your orders or call (888) 622-8367, so we can help you!

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