At Acudor Access Panels, we also design access doors that can easily blend with your commercial building's interior design. Whether for ceilings, walls, or floors, we have the perfect access door for you! One of our most opted products is the FT-8050 recessed floor door for ceramic tiles designed for exterior and interior applications.

The door of the FT-8050 comes with a 1/4" smooth aluminum plate reinforced for a live load of 300 lb/sq. Aside from its stainless steel continuous piano hinges and hardware, it has an extruded edging welded to its door panel, providing a 1" recess.

Furthermore, its automatic Hold-Open Arm with red vinyl grip allows the door panel to open to 90 degrees, locking the door in an open position and allowing for easy control when closing the door panel. The Stainless Steel Open Compression Springs provide lift assist for easy access.

This floor access door is available with electrical actuators, operated by wall mounted push button switch and remote control.

Why Choose the FT-8050?

  • Recessed 1" to blend well with ceramic tile or concrete flooring.
  • Flush aluminum drop-handle and an automatic hold open arm for convenient access.
  • It can take a live load of 300 pounds/sq. ft.

You can always trust that Acudor Access Panels will consistently deliver top-quality products for construction needs! Are you looking for a specific size for this access door? Please request a quote from us now! Call (888) 622-8367 for more details.

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