Acudor Access Panels always guarantees to provide you with the top-quality access doors you need for any construction project. One of our industry-leading products is the CD5080HP. 

The makings of the CD5080HP High-Pressure Duct Access Panels Ducts enable easy, cost-effective access to high-pressure ducts. These doors are excellent for use in high-pressure ducts with a static pressure of up to 8 inches. Pressure rated to 8" W.G., with a leakage rate of no more than 2 CFM per sq. ft. Easy installation is possible because of the 5/8" notched knock-over tabs on the inside of the frame. The material for these Doors can be aluminum or stainless steel if necessary. Alternative alternatives are duct doors for fiberglass duct board, duct doors with view panels, walk-in doors, and access doors for circular ducts.

Contact Acudor Access Panels now at 1-888-622-8367 to purchase them for your construction projects! We also offer customized sizes to ensure they fit perfectly on any roof opening. 

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