The design of the FW-5015 is for installation in drywall walls where the door panel must be concealed to match the surrounding walls. It is a fire-rated access door that has a recess for drywall. The door panel utilizes a 5/8" drywall. This model is a must-have wherever there is a need to hide or match the access door to its surroundings but still allow access to the drywall. It has a design that preserves continuity in a 2-hour fire barrier wall. 

Other features you can find include:

Material: 22 gauge steel, recessed door fitted with 5/8 thick drywall suitable for skim coat finish on site.

Lock/Latch: 1 x Self Latching Bolt, operated by flush key.

Flange: Frame flange with pre-punched holes and textured for convenient mounting and accepting skim coat finish.

Hinge: Concealed.

Finish: Satin Coat Steel.

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